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13th February 2013

yappichick9:45am: scifibigbang sign ups are open!!
This year marks the start of our fifth round and to celebrate, we're accepting sign ups for both a 10k Mini Bang or a 25k Big Bang! As always, stories must be based around a science fiction or fantasy fandom. Author sign ups close February 28th and artist sign ups close June 30th. Crossovers, AUs, and original fiction are all welcome, so go sign up! :D :D

On Livejournal, rules and timeline are here, author sign ups are here, and artist sign ups are here.

We are also currently accepting submissions for our new header! Information for that can be found here.

We can be found on [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth] and [Tumblr].

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8th February 2012

yappichick2:05pm: Sci-fi/Fantasy Big Bang Sign Ups

[info]scifibigbang is back!

The goal? Write a 20k word story based around a sci-fi/fantasy based fandom or original story.  Author sign ups run through March 1st.

Rules are here

Author sign ups are here

Artist sign ups are here

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2nd January 2012

xenosapien_rex7:26pm: Who ya gonna call?
Originally posted by xenosapien_rex at Who ya gonna call?
An older shot of myself and some local friends all dolled up, chibi style, in the gear from my favorite movie of all time:
xenosapien_rex, fenmere, crazitalk and q13_exe as the Ghostbusters!

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22nd October 2011

ainiji3:04pm: A new Tumblr Ghostbusters blog!
Hell Yeah Ghostbusters!
Feel free to follow/submit. ;)

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rob_t_firefly11:21am: How it should have ended

Link in case the embed is being flakey.
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20th August 2011

omorka1:10pm: Announcement: Ghostbusters Kinkmeme
The areyouagod community is hosting a Ghostbusters kinkmeme! We're accepting prompts for the movies, the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon, and even the IDW comics. Please come join us with prompts, fills, and/or general encouragement!

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19th May 2011

morganskye3:59pm: Stay Puft! It's what's for dinner!
Found this...somewhere. Too much surfing today...

Stay Puft gets chomped

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29th April 2011

kaotic_sanity10:43pm: Trailer
So I guess this is a sort of response/follow-up to the post back in February? Either way, so silly that it HAD to be shared:

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23rd February 2011

morganskye1:41pm: Seeing Red
Honestly I'm not surprised. We've all heard the rumors about Bill and his poo-pooing of the project. Still, to KNOW that you're the only thing gumming up the works and not doing something about it is super shitty. At least tell them you don't want to do it so they can figure something else out. Fuck, he did the VA work for the game, so we know it's not that he isn't willing. So WTF Bill Murray. W T F?

(btw if you don't see a short article click on the pic. the coding is being a jerk.)

Road Block Of The Day
see more TDW Geeks

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20th February 2011

solidfoamsoul11:23pm: This may be relevant to your interested, community go-ers...

I have a magazine featuring our own Bill Murray for sale on Ebay.

Check them out! Please!

(Delete if not allowed, mods...)

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2nd February 2011

yappichick9:49pm: Sci-fi/Fantasy Big Bang

scifibigbang is back!

The goal? Write a 25k word story based around a sci-fi/fantasy based fandom or original story.  Author sign ups run through March 1st.

Rules are here

Author sign ups are here

Artist sign ups are here

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25th January 2011

big_twinkie7:31pm: The Human Torch is...Bill Murray?
how do i keep finding these things? here's a mid-70s, short lived radio serial based on several of the Lee/Kirby issues of Fantastic Four.  it feature voice talent from Stan Lee, Bob Maxwell, Cynthia Adler, Jim Pappas, and Bill Murray as Johnny Storm.

Check it out!

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19th January 2011

big_twinkie9:08pm: Dan Aykroyd teams up with...Spider-man?
Who knew this existed? Well, probably some people, but my wtfameter is pegged right now.

Marvel Team-Up #74(1978). The SNL cast, including Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, team up with Spider-man. Yeah. And John Belushi, appropriately enough, has a fight with the Silver Samurai.

Look...Collapse )

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4th January 2011

txmx36:44pm: Ghostbusters T-shirt
Heyy, anyone knows where I can get Ghostbusters T-shirt, preferably the one that says "Who Ya Gonna Call" OR the one that has the logo on it??? Any good websites that hopefully, have stocks for size S for ladies and ships to Singapore?

If not, where can I find this: 

Please and thank you!
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22nd December 2010

big_twinkie3:36am: moar ghostbusters lj icons
so i made some more ghostbusters lj icons....


to see more icons, visit my lj 

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19th December 2010

big_twinkie4:07am: lj icons for ghostbusters 2
i made some lj icons if you wanna see.


visit my lj for more

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15th November 2010

rob_t_firefly5:46pm: Ghostbusters short at Funny or Die
This is all kinds of wrong (and a bit NSFW for language) but I can't stop laughing.

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1st November 2010

morganskye4:35pm: Stay Hard. Stay Bad. Stay Puft.
see more Lol Celebs

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9th October 2010

flareonfury11:23pm: Fic: Loving a Ghostbuster (SV/XGB, Chloe/Eduardo & Kylie/Eduardo, G)
Title: Loving a Ghostbuster
Fandoms: Smallville and Ghostbusters
Pairings: Chloe/Eduardo (one-sided), Kylie/Eduardo, Egon/Janine
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Extreme Ghostbusters series.
Summary: Chloe fell in love with a Ghostbuster.
Series Summary: Five Times Chloe Sullivan fell in love...
Notes: Written for [info]xoverland prompt Five Times and written for [info]5_times prompt Ghost. Ok so I went a little shady on the prompts “Ghost”, but I couldn’t find or remember any other Ghost-related fandom that had a *ghost* male character I could see Chloe with.
[ ...Table... ]

loving a ghostbuster........ )

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