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hey, this place is kind of quiet right now, so here is a question (and quote) that I stole from the IMDB boards to liven the place up. I'm hoping you LJers will have some great responses to it as well:

Everyone knows the popular quotes like "back off man, I'm a scientist," but some of us like the stranger stuff. What are the weirdest, most obscure GB quotes you've managed to wrestle into use in normal conversation?

For instance, when someone recently asked me if a party I had been to was any good, I described it as the best one "since the Tunguska blast of 1909."

If you want to see my personal highlights (and boy are there some great ones) of the discussion on IMDB, my post about it is here..
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Fanfic Recs

I'm cross-posting some of this from my own LJ.

I’m going to be recommending Ghostbusters stories for crack_van during the month of April. Does anyone here happen to know if Robyn Thurman’s fanfics (specifically Looking Glass, and the one before that which I have in fanzine form) are still archived anywhere? I have most of her stories saved to my external hard drive, and read them from time to time, and they are great. However, I doubt I’ll be able to rec her stories unless I have a link available.

Also, could anyone recommend any Ghostbusters fanfics set right after the first movie? I've already found and read (and loved) Pandora's Box, by Mary Jean Holmes.

Arizona Ghostbusters

I just realized I haven't posted anything in this community in along time. I think my last post was pics with the Indiana team last year. Since January me and Esther the GB have been active with the Arizona Ghostbusters. We've been busy the whole year and next year is looking even busier. Our official website is You can browse through our news and photo gallery sections to see what we've been up to and have planned so far.

Here's a few picsCollapse )

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interesting little documentary on the making of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, including interviews with Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

I love how Dan Aykroyd and everyone else is all "none of them really look too much like the actor, but Egon is probably the closest" and Harold Ramis is all "wtf blonde?!". I wonder what Bill Murray thought of his significantly prettified cartoon version
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