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Icon making gone awry!  Just scratching an icon-making itch before finals.

(53) Ghostbusters 2 icons for that ass. (3) animated!!


++ Comment and credit if taking
++ No hotlinking
++ Textless icons may be edited, because it's not that damn hard to crop a screen cap
++ Drink milk

I'll get around to the original movie when I'm damn good and ready.

+++ Fake cut to more GB2 icons +++
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Party City rules!

On Sunday, my mom gave me the Party City flyer/advertisement/thingie from the paper, pointing out an adult costume based on the Batman Begins batsuit.  It was okay, but a quick scan of the page revealed something absolutely fucking amazing:

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Egon - yo!

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I thought fellow GB-freaks would appreciate this..

look who I met yesterday:

he was awesome!

I got "who ya gonna call?" written when he autographed a photo for me.. my friend got "that's a big Twinkie", which I would have preferred, but, what can you do?

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